Any way to refresh edits of imported posts?

I know I'm probably asking for magic fairy dust here... but is there any way to cause AutoBlog to grab and reflect changes that are made to the original post?

Currently, when I edit the "source" post, the changes are not reflected on the imported posts gathered by AutoBlog.

Any hope for this?

  • Kimberly
    • Champion of Loops

    Hey there!

    I am afraid this is one of those wishful thinking items :slight_smile:

    It implies all sorts of things like running a check on old imported posts and editing it, along with trying to find a way to make this process not too bulky. Then there are the other considerations like if everyone wants it, how often would it be done, how many past posts to check how far back,etc.

    Sorry, but I think this one won't make the list for feature upgrades.

    But I can't blame you for asking :slight_smile: and appreciate that you did so!


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