Any way to restrict voting by IP per day?

I haven't actually started using this, trying to figure out if it's a fit for a project of mine. The restriction by IP is something my client needs, but I also need to allow folks to vote once per day - not once for all time. I didn't see a separate setting for that, and wondered if anyone had done any work on the plugin or had any ideas to facilitate something like this?

Thanks y'all :wink:

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    Hi rentageekmom and welcome to WPMU DEV!

    Good to see ya hear, I remember you from Headway theme support, great work there!

    I've not seen anyone mention IP-based voting restrictions on a per-day basis so I can't say there's a pre-made solution. It seemed a bit extensive at first, but in looking into it, I'm not so sure this one would be too tough actually.

    I think you might be able to just change the expiration of the cookie on line 361 of \wpmu-dev-post-votes\lib\class_wdpv_model.php.

    As that would be fairly simple, I'll check with one of the developers over here on it and post back here.


  • Vladislav
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    Currently, daily voting is not possible with Post Voting. However, it wouldn't be too hard to implement either - in addition to cookie protection, there are a couple of more checks that would need to be adapted for this to work properly, but it shouldn't be too hard to add in the next release.

  • Vladislav
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    In the latest plugin release (v2.1, just released) we have a new Add-on that allows for daily voting. To allow daily voting, go to your plugin settings (on single site installs) or to your network plugin settings (on network installs) and activate the "Allow daily voting" add-on.

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