Anybody want to split the cost of GoCardless payment gateway for ProSites

I'm thinking of posting on the jobs board for someone to develop a GoCardless payment gateway extension plugin for ProSites.

GoCardless allows users to set up a direct debit payment system as opposed to attaching payments to a card - this is great because if a user changes card details, their payment subscription still remains - it's also cheaper than Stripe and Paypal.

I'm going to propose 450USD for the development - and looking for a minimum of 5 other people to chip in 75USD - obviously if more people are interested then it'll be cheaper.

If you're interested, let me know, i'll leave this post open for 2 weeks from today (11th Jan) - Then we can mark it resolved, if enough people are interested by then, then we can exchange details and start a google hangouts to discuss the finer details.