Anyone have this redirect problem with Theme-my-login plugin?

I understand it's not a WPMU plugin but we basically run our business on WPMU plugins (marketpress, membership, affiliates, and a few others) and figure it may be a conflict. Here is the issue cross posted:

Custom Redirection works, but only on other actions (like logging out), but it will not work on log-in, and I have exhausted troubleshooting endeavors and am now at a loss. I was hoping I could get through this without having to stop and ask for directions.

Calling Jeff Farthing - I have tried your troubleshooting advice and deactivated all plugins except TML, but get the same issue. will not redirect as requested to

HOWEVER, WILL redirect to as requested. I do not currently know how to use this piece of information but my gut says this is what to focus on and that I'm missing something very simple.

Please help. I have some fiddler logs and a few other debug logs I could post if you need them.