Anyone here use Google Maps Plugin with Formidable Pro?


I was wondering if anyone here has use the google maps plugin with Formidable Pro. I use formidable to gather and display user input for an events type website (among many other sites).

The reason being, I am using the MPMUDEV google maps plugin and trying to see if there is an alternative to the post based map referencing. It would be interesting option if I could display mashups based on more criteria than a tag or post_type.

If you have used the google maps plugin with formidable pro please let me know, I would like to see how you used them together. I looked at a number of map plugins and I know of at least two others that are capable of doing what I need, but I chose this one because of some other nice features. I have to imagine it's doable with a little elbow grease.

Thank you for your consideration,