Anyone know how multisite runs on WPEngine?

I'm getting ready to launch my multisite network very soon, and with that I'm looking into hosting that will be faster than hostgator shared hosting. WPEngine has a great reputation, but I'm hesitating to switch to them due to all their restrictions and control they take. They add plugins to your site when you migrate, and they have a list of plugins that are not allowed on their servers and they auto delete them if you have them. I personally don't feel comfortable giving up this much control, however they are known for having lighting fast load times.

So here's my questions:

-Does anyone know how multisite runs on WPEngine? Do their restrictions mess anything up?

-Does anyone know how WPMU dev plugins run on WPEngine? (i.e.. Pro Sites, Domain Mapping, etc)

-Does anyone have any alternatives to WPEngine that will allow me to have lighting fast load times without having the limitations that come with WPEngine?

Any advice here would be fantastic. The bottom line is I want the fastest load time possible, so I'm trying to figure out if WPEngine is the solution, or if there's something better out there.