Anyone know how to link Membership users with site owners?

I want to create a membership site for all users who signup for a blog. I have installed Membership and Pro Sites, but can't get the two to communicate.

Ideally when someone signs up for a new website, they are automatically added to the membership site. When they cancel their site subscription, they are removed from the membership site.

Is this possible?

  • thinkmarketact

    you need to use new blog templates to set up the themes your new users will get. make one of them default.

    as far as how to set up the automation that is a total pain in the back side.

    there are about 50 different ways to set it up and things dont play nice all the time.

    on day one i loved the fact that blogs could be created automatically but now im not so excited about that. (everyone gets the same one) if they want to switch, they can but they have to set some stuff up. lame....

    instead i slow down the sign up process a tad which saves me a ton of time down the road... i ask them which theme they want (they look @ demos) on the registration form. i approve the registration with a plugin called new user approve. ( this delay allows me to read the form, see which theme they want, ) after i approve the user they get an email saying we have been working on the site and it is almost complete.

    i then go to the network admin, add a site attach it to their username and then select the template depending on which theme they want. doing it this way makes it so any template is set up automatically.

  • miggitty

    Hi thinkmarketact

    Thanks for the advice. It is exactly what I need to hear.

    I would enjoy chatting with you over skype about the details of what you do.

    I am thinking of getting my users to signup through Wishlist member, then manually creating the sites for them. If they cancel the wishlist membership then I would have to manually cancel their site too. The reason I want to do this is because I see the membership as the value add. The site doesn't differentiate me from anyone else. The content in the membership site is the differentiator.

    I also want to add standard pages into the site like about us, contact us, services, blog, etc with their content in it. I guess there is a plugin that helps me setup sites using a template, then all I have to do is enter their copy.

    Are we able to leave our details on posts like twitter handle or skype address?

    It would be great to discuss this approach.

  • thinkmarketact

    add your contact info in your profile and we can skype it up.

    not familiar with wish list, gravity forms does my registration/order form/ paypal payment all on one form #LOVEIT

    i then manually add people to membership and gravity forms will lower their user level if they cancel

    you can add standard pages that go on all the sub sites via new blog templates. after the new site is created the pages will be there but like you said, you would have to put in their copy

    you can leave YOUR social media links on the sub sites if you want but that might upset some sub site owners. i just put something in the footer

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