Anyone know of a gallery plugin that supports using "common" galleries in a multisite inst

I am working on a project that requires having a photo gallery for each site in the multisite network. Many of the images/galleries will be the same across several of the sites, if it were possible to have a single gallery install that allowed the display of the galleries using shortcodes etc on the other sites in the network that would be awesome. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

  • DavidM
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    Hi idevguy,

    The most feasible way I can think of to do that would be creating a Gallery custom post type.

    CustomPress provides a network option that would let that custom post type show on each site, while restricting users from creating other post types through it.

    While it's by no means built for galleries, it is built for custom post types and a gallery can easily be included in a custom post type via the Editor.

    It also works alongside Post Indexer and all the other plugins that utilize Post Indexer (all listed on the following page).

    If I'm off base at all, please feel free to let me know, that's just the way I'd think to start it off.


  • idevguy
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    Interesting idea there.. I'm trying to wrap my head around various ways to best accomplish this, heres some more detail about what we are wanting to accomplish

    The sites (several hundred total spread over 5-6 multisite networks) will all be geo-based so there may be a site for Miami, Orlando, Tampa and so on. The galleries are for images of performers, so on a "gallery" page there would need to be a single image of each performer that when clicked would go to that performers album with more images of that individual. so it would be best if we could make a gallery named "Florida" and have that broken down into galleries for the specific areas as many of the performers work in multiple cities, so if we could have a short-code that could be placed on the sites like [florida-miami] and then something like [miami-stephanie] etc so we could have per site control of what galleries show on what sites while maintaining the ability to add/edit/move images in these galleries from one central location.. (idea here is to save us from having to add/delete/change images for performers on multiple sites)

    I don't know if it would be possible to get this level of per-site control using custom posts in that manner.. thoughts??

  • gina
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    sure no problem.. i just thought since it used shortcodes and had various arguements that can be used it might have been something you could hack to make it work...

    good luck in your search.. if i happen to see anything else i will let you know... i'm always plugin hunting haha

    gina :slight_smile:

    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Haven't seen a plugin for this yet but the custom post-type idea that DavidM offered seems like a sound plan.

    You can code pages to display children of a certain post or children of a certain category, etc. so you would create the custom post of Florida and then create a child post under Florida called Miami and then create a child post inside Miami called Stephanie.

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