Anyone know of a plugin that can message an individual blogs admin section?

Hi everyone –

Does anyone know of a plugin similar to Admin Messages that can target a specific blog’s admin section?

Here’s what we’re looking to do. Our Pro Sites Memberships are all done Manually because we need to offer the ability to pay via check, credit card or paypal. It’s all ties in with Freshbooks as well for billing and management. So, we do everything manually, which is no big deal.

We extend all blog time terms by a month to allow for a full 30 days to pay their invoice. During that time frame, I would love to have the ability to post a message in a specific site’s admin area reminding them that their bill is due and to provide a link to that invoice. They also receive an email, but I’m a big believer in multiple ways of communicating.

I would also love to be able to post a message after the 30 days about how their service has reverted to the “Free” plan and that if they would like to restore their premium services to contact us at …

I’ve been searching high and low for this functionality, but haven’t found anything. Anyone know of a plug in Free or Paid, I don’t care, that does that?

Thanks everyone!

  • Spencer
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    Great question!

    As someone also doing the full manual processing of site upgrades in conjunction with an accounting solution of our choice I would find this feature useful. I can’t offer any plugin suggestion but rather I can say that when I manually extended any free trial periods they didn’t update the admin message with the new number of day left – simply removed it altogether as the gateway had changed from ‘trial’ to manual’.

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