Anyone knows how to display Woocommerce Order info in a form?

So I have a woocommerce product (online marketing service) that I’d like the clients to follow up with by providing additional information after the sale. I’d like to create a form that recognizes logged in users and be able to retrieve their orders.

So for example, John goes to a form after he places the order. The form recognizes the user and there is either a dropdown of all his order numbers or a field to input an order number. Once he either inputs the order number or chooses one from all his orders, that order information shows up.

The reason I dont do these fields on the order itself is because if they need time to think on this, we’re afraid we will loose the sale. We’d like the sale to be as painless as possible. So what I need is to collect his advertising information for his order when he is ready. So some of the fields would be title and copy of his ad, target market for the ad, etc. If he ordered 3 ads, i’ll need to collect 3 of these from him.

Displaying the order info would be for his benefit (seeing what he ordered and what he needs to provide to us) and for our benefit as a cross reference.

Does anyone know of a way to do this with any of the wordpress forms or via code? Any insight would be appretiated.