anything bad going to happen BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG ?

Just getting started with BuddyPress so sort of looking for brainstorming/advice/suggestions/heads-up rather than a specific troubleshooting question.

We're looking to develop a community network around Buddypress and have subsites available to subscribers.

I've network activated BuddyPress and added BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG to wp-config so that the subsites buddypress profile paths will be available on the subsites so that users are associated with the subsite rather than bouncing back to the main site;

but I also want to use Hide Widgets to focus attention on the primary site as the buddypress hub and 'maybe' limit subsite buddypress activity beyond just looking at user profiles;

I'm also using Pro Sites, and while I don't have a usecase in mind, wondering about what buddypress plugins/addons would be appropriate to enable for premium subsites;

Not really sure what we want/need, thus... asking for suggestions.