Anyway to change the Expiration or Expiry date without going into the DB?

We have situations where we will grant extensions of a subscription (possibly as a promotion or to make up for a goof or as a thank you). Is there anyway we can update the expiration date without having to go into the underlying database?

I don't want to put together any bogus private subscription to replace the original subscription because when the expiration comes up, I want the user to be able to renew that same original subscription. Does that make sense?


  • jmwest

    Hmm, I've gone through and invested so much time in setting this up now (especially because I couldn't get the negative category rules to ever work - sadly, I had to set the rules post by post) - I really really want to get this to work.

    Can you help me think of how I might be able to meet the following requirements. It seems like it should be so simple. My client wants a really bare bones set up - Just one level and one subscription plan to begin with. But flexibility in extending the subscription period while not losing automated renewal is key. Here's the way they want it to work.

    1. Community user donates a solo payment of $20 (so let's say subscription name is "20") and gets access to premium content (so let's say "premium" level membership) for 1 year. So, Joe Smith subscribes to "20" and becomes "premium" level member until August 11. 2012. At this point, around Aug 11, 2011 he'll be offered up a button to make a payment to renew "20". This part is no problem.

    2. However, based on the users activity in the community, the admin wants to be able to grant an extension to Joe so that his subscription expires on October 11, 2012. When October 11, 2012 comes around, Joe will still be offered a renewal of plan "20". If we use a hidden alternate subscription to extend Joe's subscription period, when the expiration date comes around, he won't be offered plan "20" on his renewal form (at least from my tests). This part has been a disappointment because it seems like such a simple thing. The workaround for us, I suppose, is to go into the database and change the expiration date, but I would love to allow my client to do it themselves through the interface.

    3. An additional issue that appears to be a bigger issue is that of "self-extending" a subscription. Because these are donations, there are times when there is a bigger fund-raising push. So, the user community can make additional donations even if their subscriptions are not expired, and the ideal situation would be to have the subscription period extended per the subscription plan. So if Joe decides in January to donate another $20, what we'd like to have happen is to to have the expiration date extended 1 year beyond his current membership expiration date. So, Joe's membership will now last until August 11, 2013. It's basically like a re-upping idea.

    Any thoughts? As I said, I really want to make it work with this plug in. I like the flexibility of separating the subscription from the access level - many membership plugins don't do that, and I like the ability to automate the renewal process. The membership module we were using before required SOOO much manual intervention. I'd appreciate any help and ideas.

    Depending on the cost, my client may be willing to pay for custom work, but it's a non-profit so the wallets are not that deep.

    Thanks for reading through.

    This For a $20 donation, you get access to additional content for a year.

  • Philip John

    The main barrier to doing so is that Membership will run through it's checks on Aug 11 2012, see the level the member is on and run through the renewal. To stop that, they'd need to be on a different level which would require many more levels.

    I'll ask some of the guys if they have thoughts on how you might be able to get around this though. There are a bunch of hooks in the plugin that could help you here.


  • Mason


    But flexibility in extending the subscription period while not losing automated renewal is key

    Your other huge obstacle here is your gateway. We use PayPal on our site here and we cannot manually extend someone and then have the subscription start-back up. PayPal doesn't allow it. If we were to provide a manual extension, we first must cancel the subscription at the gateway, provide the manual extension, and then finally have the member re-subscribe. Then the plugin won't charge any payments until the current manual subscription is up.

    I'm not sure if other gateways work the same, but when it comes to subscriptions they probably do.

    If you're using a single-payment option then you could possibly do this, though as you've noted we don't provide a way to 'extend' a membership within the plugin. It would have to be setup to be gateway-specific.

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