anyway to show a schedule of upcoming appointments for a service

Hi there

We use appointments to arrange interviews, our service providers are external to our company. We don’t wish to give them higher access than ‘subscriber’ on wordpress. This means they cannot see the table which we have which shows all upcoming appointmets, we wouldn’t want them to see it anyway as it would be confusing because we have lots of upcoming appointments with lots of service providers. We need to create a table, ideally on a webpage, that they can go to and see:

1.upcoming appointments,with date and time

2.some basic info about the client, e.g name, email address and the info from a custom field (skype name)

3.Our clients are in the UKand service providers are in China – ideally we would want the interview schedule to appear in the UK in GMT time and in China in GMT+8, otherwise we have to rely on our service providers doing the maths themselves – which overtime could result in some mistakes.

Is this possible to arrange? We really need some kind of functionality so they can see upcoming appointments, and we want it defined by service and not service provider (because one company has lots of service providers doing the same service and we need all to be clearly visible.)

Thanks so much