Anyway to style the Page navigation in groups and forums?

Hi guys,

Might be one for Tammie this as I’m using the BP daily theme.

I have over a thousand groups on my site and was wondering if there was anyway to make the navigation of the groups pages AND forum pages within a topic more striking than the small text used to label page numbers. The numbers I am talking about appear at the top of the groups pages showing the page number with the arrows. They appear in forum topics to scroll through pages of that topic.

I have found a plugin called WP Page Navi which does this for the actual blog posts, making very simple but effective page navigation at the bottom of the blog pages.

See this link here for a screen shot:

It’s just with there being so many pages of groups and often posts in a forum topic that I would like to make the navigation of these pages much bolder and bigger than the standard text used in this theme.

It’s literally the only thing I find lacking from the theme. Everything else is superb.

Is there any way to do this?