Apache Guru Needed

I'm posting this here since the the old Job board here is no longer publicly viewable and we're in a bit of a bind.

We have been experiencing mysterious load spikes on our server that our server manager is unable to address. We have our own Linux box that should be more than capable of handling our traffic, but periodically loads spin out of control and don't settle down causing all our sites to go down. If I can access WHM and manually restart HTTP services, the load will calm down.

I'm looking for an expert who will be able to review our Apache configuration and hopefully identify the cause of these issues. We have a (very) small budget for consultation, but we need to do something soon. The perfect candidate knows how to fine tune Apache and is well versed in the demands of a WordPress multisite network.

Complete details are available if you think you can help. Please feel free to contact me directly at jncjr(at)agreda.com. I have purposefully not included a link to our site as it is currently down again. :slight_frown: