Apache Processes WHMCS Integration Plugin Enabled

The moment I enable this plugin and start browsing around the WHMCS URLs, my Apache process jump through the roof and take my entire server down.

Integration is working otherwise. WHMCS, with the plugin disabled, is fast and works great too. As soon as the plugin is enabled and I start browsing URLs in WHMCS, it's all done.

Anyone else having or have had problems with this?

  • Justin

    I hadn't had a chance to look this all up but am very familiar with integrations. I believe it's creating hundreds of calls back to the server. Maybe CURL or something with how the URLs are written by the plugin.

    Maybe a good explanation of how this is integrated would help. Not lay terms either. How exactly is WHMCS being integrated and why can't it use themes other than portal?

    I came from the JWHMCS project where we integrated WHMCS into the Joomla framework and I've never seen this type of reaction on a server when an integration is enabled.

    Will be happy to provide more info when I have time but for now I've disabled it. Very little time these days.

  • Arnold

    Strange, nobody has run in to this before.

    What the plugin does is watch for certain page requests that refer to the Remote WHMCS site. That's what the endpoint setting is for in the settings. When it sees a request for a page from WHMCS, it uses curl (via the WP_Http class) and fetches the page a the WP server. It parses that page and converts any urls that are WHMCS specific into an URL that references the WP equivalent. So thing like a link in a WHMCS menu get converted to a call to a WP link. Things that don't matter like image urls are left alone so they are fetched by the browser directly from WHMCS instead of through WP.

    So there should be one curl call at the server to WHMCS to fetch the page and then the browser would load the page after it's translated at the server.
    You can see the whole set of calls by adding ?whmcs_debug=true to one of your links in WP like xxx/cart.php?whmcs_debug=true

    The only think I can think that might cause a problem would be Keep-Alive on the curl call. I think it defaults to true. Not a whole lot of point with the server calls of it being on.

    The only other calls that might go through curl would be loading javascripts from WHMCS that need to be translated or modified. But these are called once and cached at the WP server so that the patched version is reused after the first time. These are periodically refreshed to catch any updates. So they are very minor load.

    Is it just processes or do you see memory leaks?


  • Justin

    Thanks Arnold for the information and sorry for the delay. I'll test this out when my server admin and I can both look at it at the same time. Right now I'm going to hold off because of the URLs with a ? in them. I'd sure like to see clean URLs on this.

    I'll also have SSL which I'd imagine will add even more complications and of course, I'd like to use something other than Portal theme in WHMCS. All those combined have me not needing this plugin at this time.

    Thank you!

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