API problem again with Pro-sites

Hello hello,

I have a very strange problem with pro-sites.

But maybe someone here have an idea ? :wink:

When a member make an upgrade, sometimes he have a problem just after the Paypal Login, like this : “You do not have permissions to make this API call”.

After this notice, the payment is canceled, and back to check-out page.

This is a very strange problem because this is not for all of my members.

Sometimes that works perfectly for a member, sometimes not working for another one…

Since a month ago, “Joe” from wpmu staff was checking an upgrade on my system, and all was working perfect for him.

But today, i still have this problem with some members.

Do you think this can be a problem with the country of the member ? The paypal account status for this member ?

Because it does not have permission to make a recurring membership ?

Or something like that ?

I’m using Paypal express, with IPN.

My Business Paypal account is in Canada

My members are from France and Belgium for most.

Thank you about your help, or just some ideas about this aleatory notice :

“You do not have permissions to make this API call”



  • Kimberly
    • Champion of Loops

    Hello Bertrand!

    Have you noticed any common thread between the API problem customers? Perhaps a country of origin. Although PayPal is world wide they do not support all countries as of yet.


    My first suggestion would be to resave/reset your API creds. To ensure they are not the problem, then check with PayPal that all the information in your PayPal account is correct and approved.



  • slife
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hi Kimberly ! :slight_smile:

    No, Unfortunately i haven’t noticed a common thread with them.

    For example :

    My checking account is in France, Verified Business account, credit card associated with the account. That’s working fine with me (after delete my cookies and renewed my IP to avoid association with my administrator login )

    One of my member who have the problem :

    Account is in France, Verified Business account, credit card associated with the account. That’s don’t working for him.

    Most of the time, the other members have substantially the same information and it works. (France or Belgium)

    I resaved / reseted many times my API creds, without succes…

    But I know, this is really a very strange problem. This is why I try to have some ideas here.

    What is difficult is that the problem is random, and without finding common thread between members



  • Kimberly
    • Champion of Loops

    Are the credit cards being used all common cards? I confess I do not know how banks work overseas and what popular credit card companies there are, but here Master Card and Visa are accepted everywhere, with some of the smaller companies not taking American Express, which is a well known card. Are the credit companies major companies?

  • slife
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hello Kimberly,

    Yes, the credits cards are Visa and/or Mastercard on Paypal accounts of this members.

    On Paypal IPN reports, i have nothing for cancelled transactions.

    Only a record for the granted transactions unfortunately.

    On the Pro-sites dashboard, i have this notice for the member :

    “User creating new subscription via PayPal Express: PayPal returned an error: You do not have permissions to make this API call”

    If i can’t solve this problem, i think i will use “manual payments” on pro-sites, with a standard Paypal script (without API), don’t worry “be happy” ! :slight_smile:


  • Aaron
    • CTO

    I really can’t say for sure, but it’s definitely tied to the user’s paypal account. Specifically, this is the error that German paypal accounts will get, as for some international law reason PayPal does not support express checkout subscriptions for German PayPal accounts.

    Perhaps these users are German paypal accounts, or maybe tied to German banks in some way. Only PayPal customer support could verify this for you (good luck with that, they are generally pretty stupid).

    Note that if you are able to use Paypal pro, germans can then checkout. We face the same issue here on DEV, to the point that we actually check visitors IPs and if they are from Germany don’t show them the PayPal option.

  • slife
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hello Aaron,

    Thanks about your fast answer.

    I don’t have German Members (or with paypal German accounts) in my listing.

    But maybe Paypal get some troubles with some French accounts on API.

    (all the errors with API are for 70/80% of my French members)

    It is very strange, because 20 or 30% of my other French Members don’t have the problem ?

    Maybe you’re on a good way about API / Paypal settings for a country, in fact.

    I will sent a message or a call to Paypal, maybe they can do a check !

    Yes, it’s possible to me to upgrade on a Paypal Pro. Maybe i will do that too, you’re right.

    This error isn’t showing on my Paypal Dashboard, but on the Pro-sites dashboard when i check what’s happend for a member. (on Pro-sites ==> Account History for a blog ID)

    Like that : User creating new subscription via PayPal Express: PayPal returned an error: You do not have permissions to make this API call

    This error is showing too when a member choose an upgrade, click on the paypal button, login on his Paypal account and confirm the payment.

    Juste after confirmation, the member show this notice and go back to his Blog upgrade dashboard.

    On Paypal, when a member get this error, i don’t see anything on IPN History.

    On Paypal, only granted transactions are on IPN History.

    I hope this details can help you.

    I will come back here when i have more explanations from Paypal…

    Thanks again Aaron,


  • slife
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus


    I give you some news on this Paypal worry.

    In fact, the answer from Paypal to find what exactly was the problem took several days…

    This problem happens because the Paypal account was not open in the good “class” or “profile category” !

    As we were in category “gambling”, some French banks do not allow their customers to make a payment to gambling shops. (this is a default bank security)

    We changed the type of Paypal account to “Online Business”, and that solves the problem …(these settings are in “profile Business Info” of the account)

    I hope this can help members wo have the same problem…



  • slife
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hello Pawan,

    I mean you can set manual payments on Prosites ==> Modules/Gateways ==> manual Payments.

    Next, you can put your Paypal script on the “checkout Page”.

    (Prosites ==> Settings ==> Edit checkout page)

    You just need to copy the script of your paypal Buttons on the checkout page, from your Paypal account merchant tools. (You don’t need API on this place)

    The problem with this way, is your member can’t have an automatic level upgrade of his blog. You need to upgrade manually the account of your member.

    You can do this by selecting the Blog on network admin after you have receipt the payment.

    Click on the column “Pro Site” from the Blog listing ==> Manage.

    At this place, you can select the upgrade by time and level below this text : “Manually Extended Pro Site Status”.

    I hope this can help you.


  • Pawan Arora
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Thanks slife.

    I am on the way to put all this in place. At first I was just trying to figure out from the forums what problem you people have already faced.

    I am sure I will be asking you people more questions – on this, and you people have proved – to be there for help.

    If anything else I need to know from you – should I post it on this thread only?

    Thanks again

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