API to Add Users to WPMU Network??

Hi Guys,

My 1st post :slight_smile: been using WPMU for a week or so now and wow with your plugins you have really opened up some opportunities :slight_smile:

One which requires a 3rd party app to call a URL to add a user to WPMU Network so they can then login and make themselves a site.

Background: A colleague and myself have been putting together a very excellent Business Development course to teach people how to be a business development consultant and charge local business's to consult at doubling there profits using tried and tested techniques that havent changed ever.. Now this course is delivered through a WP install running WishlistMember.. To purchase the course, as we have many JV Partners and affiliates in the Offline/Internet Marketing space expressing interest, we have been forced to use Nanacast ( great product anyways ) which on purchase has an outgoing API to call a URL, this is able to create the users in Wishlist, and there own Memberlock plugin direct into wordpress. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work on WPMU, i dont need to lock content, just wanted it to create a user so they could make there own sites.

As a bonus, ive been putting together a WPMU setup so when they buy for the people who dont know how to create a website we are going to give them one through WPMU, and using various kick ass plugins like the templates they only need to enter a name for the site, email etc etc into theme options and can domain map if they want there own domain.

What i want to do, is make the WPMU network, "Logged in users may register new sites" and have Nanacast call a URL to create them a user account in the WPMU system so they then can login to create a site. I thought about the plugin to enter a code on registration page but that is to easy to share.

So does anyone know a way to API into WPMU to create a user using just a URL, Eg http://Domain.com/wp-content/plugins/memberlock/memberlock_api.php?security_code=(Security Code) which is easy called by 3rd party carts etc. So they can then login and create a site.


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    Greetings jlowandco,

    Welcome to WPMU DEV!

    Thank you for the detailed description of what you want to achieve and maybe this is easier then you think since anyone calling a non existent URL to a WPMU installation it natively wants to create the domain.

    I.E. You have MultiSite install tester.com and I type in the currently non existent URL my.tester.com the WordPress installation will intercept it thinking you want to create the domain. and try to get you to register it.

    There may indeed be something to work in using the CM Invitation Codes plugin but not sure and it is relatively a brand new plugin.

    In any event great idea and we wish you the best coding it in.

    Thank you for being a WPMU DEV Community Member!

    Cheers, Joe

  • jlowandco
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    Hi Joe,

    I managed to get this working well enough to use :slight_smile:

    I use the memberlock plugin that Nanacast.com supplies to lock content although in this case i dont lock an content.

    What ive managed to do, is have Nanacast create a WP user for a dummy site as a subscriber so they cant do anything, but Nanacast then emails them the signup URL, and the username/password that has been created.

    They go to the page and since the network has been set to "logged in users create sites" they login with the credentials and create there own site.

    Memberlock cant create a user to WPMU, but it can make a user to a site which then then have rights to make there own on the network.

    Im still testing and locking everything back down but it seems im good to go on that.

    Once that is ready, after playing with all the tools im going to make a heap of site templates and using pro-sites sell done for you websites cheap for marketing and business development lead gen eg, a completely mocked up accounting website with intro video, they just pick that template and then update the contact details and business name :smiley: Then i can sell them content services to make it unique, seo, social marketing, business development... Could be a good way to get some small business owners contact details lol....

    Well at least ill have fun setting it up... Loving these plugins!!

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    Greetings jlowandco,

    Thank you for letting me know about how you managed to resolve this and happy to see that you have found a workable solution no matter where it came from :slight_smile: the important thing is that it is working for you.

    Thank you for being a WPMU DEV Community Member!

    Cheers, Joe

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