API to Add Users to WPMU Network??

Hi Guys,

My 1st post :slight_smile: been using WPMU for a week or so now and wow with your plugins you have really opened up some opportunities :slight_smile:

One which requires a 3rd party app to call a URL to add a user to WPMU Network so they can then login and make themselves a site.

Background: A colleague and myself have been putting together a very excellent Business Development course to teach people how to be a business development consultant and charge local business’s to consult at doubling there profits using tried and tested techniques that havent changed ever.. Now this course is delivered through a WP install running WishlistMember.. To purchase the course, as we have many JV Partners and affiliates in the Offline/Internet Marketing space expressing interest, we have been forced to use Nanacast ( great product anyways ) which on purchase has an outgoing API to call a URL, this is able to create the users in Wishlist, and there own Memberlock plugin direct into wordpress. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work on WPMU, i dont need to lock content, just wanted it to create a user so they could make there own sites.

As a bonus, ive been putting together a WPMU setup so when they buy for the people who dont know how to create a website we are going to give them one through WPMU, and using various kick ass plugins like the templates they only need to enter a name for the site, email etc etc into theme options and can domain map if they want there own domain.

What i want to do, is make the WPMU network, “Logged in users may register new sites” and have Nanacast call a URL to create them a user account in the WPMU system so they then can login to create a site. I thought about the plugin to enter a code on registration page but that is to easy to share.

So does anyone know a way to API into WPMU to create a user using just a URL, Eg http://Domain.com/wp-content/plugins/memberlock/memberlock_api.php?security_code=(Security Code) which is easy called by 3rd party carts etc. So they can then login and create a site.