Apostrophes are still driving me crazy, is this fixed yet?

I've been trying to get my setup fixed for over a year now. If a person writes something in the PayPal message box with an apostrophe, the donation does not get logged. I get the "oh no, we can't find donation" error. This also happens when there is an apostrophe in their name, the title of the fundraiser, or their address. Is this not a simple fix? Why has it not been fixed in over a year? Are other people not having this problem?

I just upgraded to WP 4.1. I've done the disable all plugins dance. I have been back and forth with support multiple times. They never return my emails when given access to my server.

We've processed over 4000 donations with the plugin and it takes me a very long time to sort through everything in PayPal and try to reconcile what gets missed and manually add it into the backend. I just wish it would WORK like it is supposed to. And then I have to fend off angry donors who think their donations aren't being counted.