Apostrophes in Blogs-MU Serivces

I want to have text that reads "It's easy to use" in one of my services descriptions on the front end.

If I type "It's easy to use" into a Services Description box, every time I click the save button, the system escapes my apostrophe with a backslash.

I was tweaking the description of another site on the front end, and went back to my original description. It now read: "It\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s easy to use".

I tried replacing the apostrophe with the character codes ' and '. On the first save, these get translated to literal apostrophe characters, which then get backslashed on the second save. On the third save, the backslash, and the apostrophe get backslashed, resulting in "It\\\'s easy to use". The slashes are displayed both in the admin field and on the front end.

Is there any way to update this to stripslashes() this field when it is retrieved from the db?