app_service_id URL parameter


Is there a way of hooking the app_service_id url parameter to make it more user friendly?

At the moment my url looks like this:


However, I would like it to show the service name rather than the service ID, such as:


Or ideally, a complete user friendly url like /booking-process/Service/ServiceName but I realise this may be asking for too much.

Many thanks,


  • Hakan
    • The Incredible Smush


    The wording “user friendly” is misleading. Those are also called “SEO friendly” which describes the intention better.

    That kind of permalinks are intended for search engine bots, not for users. If user has to look at the address bar of the browser, then there is something really wrong about that application. Also note that some users even turn address bar off.

    As a search bot cannot walk through appointment pages, this is useless and gives you nothing but potential conflicts and extra load on your server.



  • scdwb
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hi Hakan,

    I don’t think the wording “user friendly” is misleading and describes my intention perfectly. I intentionally used “user friendly” and not “SEO friendly”. As my intention is purely for user friendliness so users would understand the url and so they do not have to see an ugly url, this was not for SEO purposes. I’m not saying the user has to look at the url, but as the url is there it will be seen and it would be nice to make it as user friendly as possible.

    Clean URLs are wanted by users as much as they are by search engines though too and I don’t believe many users turn URLs off at all. As the plugin is using GET instead of saving the data and accessing it another way I thought it would be nice to have a nicer url.

    But that’s fair enough and I understand that this is something you may not consider.



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