Appearance Issues – many and varied

First, let me assure you that I’ve spent a lot of time reviewing the support forums and trying fixes on all of these issues.

Once again, nobody showed up for Live Support this morning – a frustrating waste of my time. Surely, this is something that could be fixed.

Also, what should one do when an issue persists but doesn’t get continuing attention in the Support Forums. Is one to submit a new post?

Both of the following items look fine to me when I’m logged in as Admin:

– Visitors do not see my images including the home page slideshow and Spotlight items.

– Several of my pages get a Page Not Found when viewed as a visitor.

The Step 1 Create a New Account text is white on white. How can I change the font colour?

I’ve asked several times about asking for additional information on Create a New Account – first and last name even – to no avail. I therefore created the form I really want by using another plugin. Is there a way to substitute it for the not-very-useful Membership form?

Can Step 2 be visible at the same time as Step 1?

How can I make the header background not so tall? I’m using Scholar Child.