appears to be a javascript error

I’m running the Nimble theme from Elegant Themes and having two specific issues inside the Membership plugin. 1. Can’t drag/drop widgets from the only item that I’ve loaded into the subscription plans area. 2. Can’t create a hyperlink from a word in the body text of the subscription plan description, using the link tool. It tries to load the JS and runs an error.

The above is what I’ve been told by a professor in website devlopment (JMU). He didn’t have the time yesterday or today to address this for me, then asked “why aren’t you talking to the people who created and support the plugin?” Good question. Email is"> You’ll need to login to see what I’m describing. I’ll create a guest WP login with an email and credentials you provide.

Yes, I tried de-activating the plugins then re-activating them. No, I haven’t had any trouble with the Nimble theme working with MarketPress. I’m guessing if MarketPres works then there’s not reason for Membership to falter. In other words, Elegant Themes is not likely to blame.

Please email me so I can create login for you to troubleshoot.