Appending the word "Sale" in these products in Woocommerce.

@Michael Bissett

Hey there . . . thanks for the live chat earlier. Here is a reference to that to remind you: (the entries @Greg from you).

Here is the additional more specific info (also support access is still enabled too):

Regarding the site:

Simple and Variable Products are a WooCommerce way of dividing some products FYI (you probably already got that). It is likely not relevant much here anyway.

The word "Sale" appears before the amount on a variable product but does not on a simple product. So, just need "Sale" to appear before the amount on the simple product too. See the attached screenshots and also the names of the two different kinds of products . . . variable & simple

The simple should show just like the variable:

Price :$x.xx
Sale Price :$x.xx

You have access via wpmudev support.