Applicants need to schedule their interview and then if that goes well they need to schedule a demo

Our applicants fill out an application and if the application is accepted, they are asked to schedule an interview - we have 3 cities - so we have 3 "interview" services they can book depending on their location. If the interview goes well they have to schedule a demo. If it doesn't go well, we wouldn't send them to the demo booking calendar at all. We really don't want them to see the demo options on the services dropdown list until after the interview. Is there any way to have the 3 interview services on one booking calendar, and then a different booking calendar for the 3 demo services? I know there's got to be a shortcode to only display certain services in a particular calendar, but I have not figured out what that is yet. I could use some help.
We'd also like 2 months to appear on the same booking calendar page, rather than having "NEXT" to go to the following month. Any way to do that? Thanks!