Applying Member2 and Prosite together to make member content and member blogs

I thought the concept was simple. I am truly a sophomore. I know just enough to frustrate My goal is to have users register and have access to one of 3 levels of member content. 1-Free/2- Prayer Partner/3-Prayer Warrior. I also need all 2 and 3 level members to be able to create their own blog- no domain name changes- ie I am not charging for the blog. I am charging for the memberships and if the membership expires they can keep the blog. I was hoping to make a menu link for register users on the main blog to link to their personal blog allowing only easy blog mode, only three template options, and possibly an Ultimate Facebook connection.

Prayer site + Membership + Prosite = Prayer Network & Prayer Journals

Right now I'm still trying to configure all the options on Prosite and Member 2 for a smooth registration then blog starting experience and I'm feeling...lost. I am not sure what some options mean and which options I need...I want to keep it simple for me and users. Do I need to go back to the drawing board?