Applying to sites, please wait

The Network Settings page on the Super Admin dashboard won't allow me to navigate away from that page. Instead the message, "Applying to sites, please wait ..." comes up every time I try to navigate from the main site dashboard towards any other menu options. The plugin has taken over my main site dashboard. I've removed the plugin from the c-panel and nothing changed. At the subsite level, everything is fine. I'm the super admin and I can't even get to the page to add or delete sites.

What is is confusing is that the repetitive message says Applying all the changes ... please wait" where as, the last check box on the Network Setup page is "Update All Sites" and it's not checked. The page itself is doesn't have the option selected yet it automatically updates all 27 sites on my install. Even if I try to adjust the settings on the Network Setup page, it comes refreshes it self back to the same settings as if I never made any changes.

Please help

There's a glitch here I would like to have fixed. How can I