Appointements+ buffer adding 2 hours since WordPress 3.9.1 update

Hi there,

We’ve been using Appointments+ successfully since early April. A couple weeks ago (my client isn’t sure exactly when), it appears the buffer time for booking appointments grew by 2 hours. We have it set up so that there must be at least 2 hours from the current time until the first appointment available to be booked (this is done with a buffer value of 3 – so if you attempt to login and book an apointment at 12:30, the first available apointment is 3pm). The appointments are all 1 hour long.

This was working great until WordPress updated to 3.9.1. *we think.* Client doesn’t remember running the update, and the problem appeared several weeks after 3.9.1 rolled out. So I’m not sure if there was an automatic update or if she did it and just doesn’t remember.

A couple weeks ago, the plugin started locking down 5 hours after the current time instead of 3. The buffer is still set to 3, but now when I log onto the site at 12:30, the first available appointment is 5pm. I’ve confirmed that the time isn’t booked, and that the buffer hasn’t changed on the dashboard. I’ve tested making the buffer smaller, but those appointments don’t open up.

Is this a known issue? Is there anything else that might have caused this change? To my knowledge, and according to my client, nothing has been changed within the plugin since we finalized the implementation back in April.