Appointment Amendments & Clocks Forward (Google)


I hope someone can help, we have the Appointments+ plugin installed on a clients website for the past 6 months.

Recently though they have noticed a couple of small problems have cropped up with amending existing appointments and when the clocks go forward/back.

From client:

1) If I have a booking made on the Dashboard Appointment system and the patient asks me to amend it, it doesn't update that amendment with google calendar. It does knock it off the online booking system and obviously sends the patient the correct reminders/information, but I have made a mistake with double booking because the google slot looked free when it wasn't.

So it seems that the calendar only syncs with Google on new appointments, but when you manually amend an appointment it does not?? Is there anyway it can sync on amendments as well, so dashboard and google calendar are the same??

From client:

2) Secondly, something goes wrong the week the clocks go forward. I make an appointment for 1600, it shows up as 1700 in the google diary. All appointments are going into the diary one hour later than they are officially booked for. Once again, the online booking system is correct, it is just the translation to Google calendar.

Has anyone else come across this, any idea how I might fix??