Appointment + Booking Dates Unavailable But Nothing Reserved

We take reservations for Hayrides from September through November primarily on the weekends. With previous assistance, we finally got the appointment times to show correctly and when we tested everything worked great! Now it's public, and we were showing someone on my android phone and it failed to display any dates as available. They all show BUSY.

No settings on my dashboard have been changed, and I've cleared, rebooted my browser, and even turned off the cache in the plugin and it's not making a difference.

Another attempt also didn't reflect the services I have entered. I.E. There are multiple services available as options to choose that reflect the number of people, the number of wagons they need to reserve and the deposit that relates to the number of wagons needed. This also didn't work in the Android environment.

Any suggestions?

  • Larry

    Hey All,

    Thanks for the reply!

    SteveB. The URL is:
    Attached are the screen shots I interpreted that you wanted. I have two service pages so as to see all I have I had to break into two shots. Also, the Service Providers - I only have one so I wasn't sure about 'no specific provider" and all service providers. If you meant "working hours" both No Specific and Larry are set to the same settings which is also attached - with no breaks.

    Vinod - It's not just on the phone browser. It is also not displaying properly on the PC browser in Google, Firefox or Explorer. In case it makes a difference, the phone we discovered this challenge on was the Samsung Galaxy 4.

    Let me know if you need anything else. Your assistance is GREATLY appreciated!


  • Vinod Dalvi

    Hi @Larry,

    Thank you for your reply.

    The Appointments + plugin is working fine on my test site.

    Would you mind if I logged in to your site and did some testing? This might help get to the bottom of this faster. If this is ok, just grant me temporary admin access to your site by clicking "Grant Access" button in the WPMU DEV Dashboard Settings from the following path and reply on this thread after granting it?

    Admin -> WPMU DEV -> Support -> Support Access Tab

    Vinod Dalvi

  • pxwm

    Hi @Larry,

    I've checked the settings in the screenshots you have provided and they look fine.

    However a couple of observations:-
    >If you only have 1 x 'Service Provider' then you don't need the Working Hours set for 'no specific provider'
    >You can improve the process by adding a parameter to one of the shortcodes that will automatically refresh the Appointment page once a visitor to the site has selected a 'Service' instead of having to click the 'Show available times' button. Adding the parameter to the shortcode also 'hides' the 'Show available times' button.

    I suspect the issue you have has something to do with the 'Service Provider' selection settings

    I've checked your site and there is only the option to select a 'Service' and not a 'Service Provider' so I'm assuming you have 'forced' the 'Service Provider' using one of the shortcodes.

    Could you please post ALL the shortcodes you have used in your Appointment page so I can check.


  • Larry

    Hey SteveB

    You lost me a little with the "adding a parameters to one of the shortcodes" so you may have to clarify what or guide me. I realize that some things can be changed in them, but not totally following you there.

    Attached is a screen shot of the short codes used on the product page. I've removed the submenu page because it was a little confusing and a little out of place on the menu. Keeping it in the sidebar and content link for easy navigation.

    Anyway, as we're speaking of short codes - I was really hoping to just isolate the months that show in the calendar to the months that I have availability - ie. September through November vs. the whole year and blocking out the pages. Right now, someone has to scroll through several blank months before they see what's potentially available. Not sure if you know if that's a shortcode setting or not?

    Sorry to mix up topics,


  • pxwm

    Hi @Larry,

    I've checked the shortcodes and I would suggest the problem is due to the fact that you don't have a shortcode for the 'Service Providers'.

    However before I suggest a solution and also answer your other question about 'hiding' the unavailable months could you please confirm the following:-

    It would appear from the screenshot of the 'Services' tab you are offering 16 x 'Services' and you only have 1 x 'Service Provider.
    If I'm correct does this mean you only offer one 'Service'/hayride per hourly slot?
    So once a slot is booked this slot should then show unavailable.

    Am I correct?

    If so I'll provide you with a possible solution that you can try.


  • Vinod Dalvi

    Hi @Larry

    Thank you for granting me support access.

    I checked the Appointments + settings on your site and found you have added Exceptional ( NON working days ) on the following path as displayed in the attached screenshot which is causing to display booking dates unavailable.

    Admin area -> Appointments -> Settings -> Exceptions tab

    To resolve this issue try removing these days if you have added it mistakenly.

    Best Regards,
    Vinod Dalvi

  • pxwm

    Hi @Larry,

    Many thanks for the additional info.

    If I've understood correctly you offer hayrides with the option to take groups of 25 per cart with a maxmum of 4 carts (100 people) in a one hour slot.
    But you can only accommodate one hayride per hourly slot.

    If I am correct then you may wish to try the following:-

    Login to your Wordpress dashboard as Admin
    Select A+ then Settings
    Select the 'Service Provider' tab
    Then make a note of the ID of your single Service Provider
    This is to the left of the Service Provider name.

    Then Select 'Pages' from your left hand menu
    Then Select the 'Appointments' page that contains your shortcodes
    Then change your shortcode:-

    FROM: [app_services]

    TO: [app_services worker="X" autorefresh="1"]

    Replace the "X" with the ID of your single Service Provider.
    Then Save
    This will then 'force' ALL the 'Services' to be displayed on the Appoinmtent page for your single Service Provider.
    It will also 'hide' the 'Show available times' button and auto refresh the Appointments page once a Service has been selected

    Then Select A+ and 'Settings'
    Then Select 'Working Hours' tab
    Then Select 'No specific provider' from the dropdown
    Then for ALL the days Set all the 'Work?' to 'No'
    Then Save

    Then try making an appointment to see if this works.

    Please let me know if it works then we can consider you request to 'Hide' certain monthly calendars.


  • Larry

    Hey SteveB,

    Thanks for the assistance. Very detailed and easy to follow! I really appreciate it.

    So, made the changes you suggested. The times are now able to reserve once again, which is great! However, it didn't take away the "Choose Available Times" button. That's still there.

    I wonder if any of that is because it's tied to the MarketPress plugin - as a product to purchase so it can go through my account instead of PayPal? Instead of this actually being a "Page" in WP, it's a "Product" in MarketPress configured through the plugin connection provided through Appointment+. Using it's settings it configured the page and short code for me, then I added additional content, etc.

    I say this because when updating content in the process I came across another challenge with this booking a reservation that is the MarketPress settings in the Shipping. (While checking out, it keeps navigating through shipping, even though I have no shipping selected.) Anyway, just a thought to consider that may have an impact on this.

    Thanks again,


  • pxwm

    Hi @Larry,

    Really pleased it is working.

    As for the 'Show available times' button.
    I would suggest this should still work even if you are using MarketPress.
    Is it possible you could post all the latest shortcode so I can check?
    When on the 'Appointments' page could you please select the 'Text' tab (not the 'Visual' tab) for the page so it displays all the coding on the page.

    Once we have resolved this we can move on to your other query relating to hiding the months you don't offer Hayrides.

    Having checked your latest site may I also make the following suggestions/observations:-

    You effectively have 4 x Hayrides and then you have created 'Services' for Friday, Sat, Sun, Mon so 4 x 4 = 16 'Services'.

    >Observation - You Working Hours don't appear to have 'Monday' set to 'Yes' so not sure if you offer any Hayrides on Monday. If not then suggest you deselect these from your single 'Service Provider'.

    >As your 4 x 'Services' denote the day of the week you are offering the Hayrides I would suggest it may cause you some problems.
    e.g. Anyone could book a 'Service' - Friday Night Hayride 1-25 people but make the booking for say a Sunday.
    Therefore you will have a booking denoting the Hayride is for a Friday but the actual date of the booking is a Sunday.
    I would suggest it would make it easier for you and the person making the booking if you just had 4 x 'Services' showing in the dropdown (without any days) and the date will relate to the booking.
    If that makes sense

    I hope that helps

  • Larry

    Hey SteveB,

    Through through what you suggested and reviewed some of my costs and processes. Originally, I had the different days set so I could charge a different price on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but as you pointed out - that may not really flow right anyway. Thanks for helping me see that!

    I've now changed the services to reflect only 4 itmes, which reflect the quantity of people in their group or the number of wagons they are reserving.

    DAYS - I also only had the weekends as offers; but thought - what the heck! So I opened the days during my "Peak Season" of September through November.

    Now, is there a way to just limit the calendar to show just those months?

    Also - thanks again for all your help. Your input has been very helpful!


  • pxwm

    Hi @Larry,

    I'm pretty sure this is achievable by writing some bespoke code in php and adding to your Wordpress theme.

    One option is say:-

    >they are viewing your Appointments page in say May 2014
    >The code could then 'hide' the calendar and add a Note/Message saying that May 2014 is out of season. Please click the 'Next' button to view the first month in the season.
    >If they click the 'Next' button it would display the 'September 2014' calendar
    >Clicking the 'Next' button would display the 'Oct 2014' calendar
    >Clicking the 'Next' button would display the 'Nov 2014' calendar.
    >Clicking the 'Next' button would 'hide' the calendar and add a Note/Message saying that Dec 2014 is out of season. Please click the 'Next' button to view the first month in the next season.
    >Clicking the 'Next' button would display the 'Oct 2015' calendar etc
    >The same would have to happen if the 'Previous' button was clicked.

    Would this be acceptable?

    However to confirm this would take some hours of coding and testing so not sure if this is something you would want to progress?


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