Appointment+ Buddypress Empty Profile, Fatal Error and location not working

Hi Guys,

I have deactivated as many plugins as I can but not changed Theme as I do not want to lose any work on this by theme change. So please DO NOT change theme. I have granted access.

At profile Appointment page for service provider I get following error :

Fatal error: Call to undefined function _appointments_get_view_path() in /home/…./wp-content/plugins/appointments/appointments.php on line 3675

Also I have tried setting up locations add-on but here I get no location options at the location settings tabs in backend…

I’m trying to get Appointments+ up and running showing service provider booking options and their calendar at buddypress profiles – also locations options working but currently no luck :slight_frown:

Please take a look and see if you might be able to get me up and running.

In advance thanks.