Appointment+ Calendar Next month button

I am testing out Appointment+ and I think it is a great booking plugin, but honestly little improvements can make the plugin more user friendly to end users.

For example, I want to display a monthly calendar in Appointments+ and I use the following short codes:

[app_monthly_schedule][app_pagination … month="1"] [app_confirmation]


and the result is shown as per attached file 'Appointment with next month button.png'

The problem with this is the next or previous month buttons are not in very good positions and it doesn't look user friendly at all.

How can i achieve the outcome like the second attachment 'Required interface monthly booking.png'?

Another question is instead of display current month can we give the user the options to display the next 7 days or next 14 days or next 30 days, if not how can just display 30 days from 'TODAY' not from specific day as per short code.