Appointment Capacity hard stop. No more the 9 for the day

I thought there was a way to use captain to limit how many appointments that service could have for that day. If I set the serve to 3. the user can still book a fourth. how do I limit the service to a total number of appointments in a day?

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Mattbkelly,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    The "capacity" option in Appointments+ plugin allows you to limit the capacity of a "selected slot", not a total number of bookings a day.

    Let's say that the capacity is set two "2" and there's a free slot available on March 28th at 10am. Therefore up to two users will be able to book that very same slot. Then there's another slot at 11am for the same service - again, two customers are able to book it.

    Therefore, the total number of available bookings per service per day is the number of booking slots for that service times the capacity of the service. For example, for 10 slots available a day and a service of capacity of 3, the total number of available bookings for the service will be 30.

    I hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

    As for putting limits on this. The default Appointments+ workflow is that the "limit" is what I explained above. The capacity value can help you lower it a bit and is mostly used in cases such as this: there are 4 service providers serving the same service but the service requires two of them to work at the same time. As the default capacity for the service would be "4" (the same as a number of service providers), you could now set it to "2".

    That said, I'm not exactly sure what do you wish to achieve here but I think the "Shared resources" add-on (available on "Appointments -> Settings -> Add ons" page) may be an answer here. Its main feature is "connecting" services together in order to limit resources. Here's an example on this.

    - there are two services of capacity of two each
    - assuming that "booking slots" overlap: total number of bookings of a slot would be four
    - with "Shared resources" it would be limited two two because booking one service automatically "blocks" another one that shares resources with it (makes it unavailable).

    Would that work for you?

    Best regards,

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Mattbkelly!

    I guess I could create a fake service and a fake service provider and share resources with them

    Yes, you can do this.

    To create "fake" service provider use any user account as service provider and check the "Dummy?" checkbox for it.

    To create "fake" service, create service just like any other service (only pay attention so it would fit in to an overall scheme with duration).

    I think you will however want to adjust your booking calendar shortcodes a bit (see descriptions on "Appointments -> Shortcodes" page in your dashboard) so it would only show the "real" services on front-page available for booking.

    will that work?

    Certainly it's well worth trying and I think that's quite a clever workaround that should work :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

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