Appointment+: Capacity is not enought

Using the plugin APPOINTMENT + I have observed that it has an important limitation in their use.
The capacity limit is associated with the service when it should be associated with the limit of the capacity of the facilities.
For example, a room can be used to provide various services, but I can not provide more than one service at a time per room. In addition, several service providers can offer the same service. In this way the system could admit appointments about services but without sufficient rooms, because I still have enough service providers.
Therefore, for the plugin to work reliably on many businesses, it would require a new entity to identify the facilities available, which remained associated with certain services, to set the limit of the capacity to provide services.
I just become a member of WPMU DEV and I do not know if it's possible to change that.
I look forward to your answer.

  • pxwm

    Hi @Lema

    If I've understood your requirements correctly then:-

    You could create more than one service per room.

    e.g. Service1 - room1, Service2 - room1

    In fact suggest you don't even need to mention the room number unless that is important and you have more than one room.

    You would then create a number of Service Providers and assign them to one or more Services.

    If you only want one Service Provider per Service but for instance want to allow a number of users to book the same service at the same date and time then you can create a number of 'dummy' Service Providers and assign them all to the same Service.

    e.g. Allow 5 people to book Service1 then you would need to create and assign one 'real' Service Provider and create and assign 4 x 'dummy' Service Providers

    However there is a limitation in that you can only attribute 'dummy' Service providers to one 'real' Service Provider.

    Hope that helps

  • Elliott Bristow

    Hi Lema,

    pxwm has pretty much covered it, but just to offer another alternative, you can set the capacity for any service, so the "service" could be the room, since you can only provide one service in any room at one time. You could then name a series of Service providers Service 1 - Slot 1, Service 1 - Slot 2 etc, and have them all send notifications to one email address. There is no obligation to use actual user accounts as service providers, providing the ACTUAL service provider has a way to access the email notifications etc.

    I hope that between pxwm and myself we've pointed you in the right direction.

  • Lema

    Hi friends,

    We have carefully considered your suggestion but inevitably our client (beauty salon) has various types of facilities that are served by the same group of service providers, so Appointment + could book appointments in facilities available but without any service provider available .
    We'll always miss a data To properly adjust system of appointments.
    It's a shame because the plugin is pretty good but not good enough for the needs of our customers.
    The point is that a dating system must be accurate and effective to avoid the continued use of other appointment conventional systems.
    We still believe that, for beauty salons and other types of businesses, this plugin could have been the definitive appointment system with a little adjust. We would have liked to have enjoyed the development team to do WPMU DEV.


  • Elliott Bristow

    I'm sorry if the plugin isn't quite what you were hoping for. We do have our Bookings+ plugin under development, which may provide an alternative approach to this kid of business, but sadly development of this plugin has slowed as a result of our developers being diverted to work on a bigger and more important secret project.

    Once the secret project is released (and the initial wave of inevitable bug reports has been dealt with) they will be getting back to development of this new plugin. I hope you can stick around to try it out to see if it does what you're looking for.

  • Lema

    Hi Steve,
    Thank you for your support.
    First, the Appointment plugin is pretty good, but I think using only two criteria (services and service providers) limits it too much. Many businesses do not need more but many others need a more sophisticated system because either the system successfully resolves appointment management of the business, or it is useless.
    In the attached image I specify the schema beauty salon operation of our client (yours and ours). You see, some services (for privacy) can only be provided in only three cabins, while the rest can be provided elsewhere in the facility is the only limit for the latter group, the number of available service providers. Furthermore, each service provider can provide the service available both in cabins and in the rest of the facilities.
    A + can not limit the number of appointments per cabin (I remind you that in each cabin can provide different services at different prices and durations) and would eventually record more appointments that available cabins. The other services work well since their appointments will limit service providers available.
    I appreciate your interest.

  • pxwm

    Hi Lema,

    Many thanks for the further info

    To confirm v1.3 of A+ now has the feature to add location to Services and Service Providers.

    However if I've understood your requirements correctly a cabin can only be used for one service at a time.

    Is this correct?

    If so to achieve this the Location feature would require a capacity limit so once a Service has been booked for a cabin then the cabin is blocked out.


  • Lema

    Hi Esteve,

    The location criterion certainly improve the functionality of the appointment system, and probably sufficient to provide the desired solution.

    However, I would suggest, for the future, incorporating a new entity to the model: FACILITIES, where each instance had a capacity constraint, to formalize an appointment.

    I appreciate the effort to improve your products. I'll wait for the new version.


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