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Great plug-in and the patch was good too!
A few enhancement requests:
1) I am one provider offering one service and the calendar shows the default company hours until you actually click the Show Available Times under my name. By default, if this is the case, have the calendar load the sole providers calendar (or maybe provide as an option). My workaround is to add the app_provider link to the end of the main page link.
2. As one provider, when I listed multiple services, I can only offer any of my services once during an appointment time, and so if I had an appointment for an hour, the calendar would show the other service available during that time and allow myself to be double-booked. I'd like to see this cleaned up to not allow double-booking unless we marked a checkbox to allow doublebooking per provider.
3. When a customer submits an appointment and it is marked Pending, I did not get an email notifying me of the submission, but the customer sent me a note about it and I checked and the Pending appointment was there. I marked it as Confirmed and got the confirmation email. Please add a pending appointment notification.
Thanks for everything!

  • aecnu
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    Greetings mikem5774,

    Thank you for the great feedback, it is certainly appreciated.

    I will indeed move this to the feature requests section and alert the lead developer @Hakan about the request.

    Thanks again for the feature requests, they are certainly appreciated and thank you for being a WPMU Dev Community Member!

    Cheers, Joe

  • Hakan
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    Sorry but, did you already try the first 2 items?

    1) If you are the sole provider and you have only one service, then client does not need to click any button. The current schedule will already be showing your latest available times. Can you check this again?

    In fact in such a case you can simply remove service and service provider shortcodes.

    2) You can never be double booked. As client is trying to take another appointment from you a) either the page is refreshed with your new schedule b) or he will get a javascript notice "Sorry, this time slot is no more available."

    I don't plan to add an "allow double booking" option. If you want to allow this, simply add another "copy" of yourself as service provider. Because it means you are working like 2 providers :slight_smile:

    3) You get an email only when an appointment is confirmed or paid, not if it is pending. This is how system supposed to work a) Either you require payment and you get an email when transaction is completed b) Or you don't require payment, you manually confirm it. Until that time appointment stays in pending status. In this case it is normal that your client calls you or you get in touch with him in some way, e.g. by phone, etc.

    If the plugin sends you email each time an appointment becomes pending, you will get hundreds of unnecessary emails every day.

    However if you believe that this is what you really require, I can add a setting for that or add a filter to do that.


  • mikem5774
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    Thank you for the response.
    For the first item - I did remove the shortcodes - thanks.
    For the second item, I might not be explaining myself correctly. I offer two services but there is only one provider. If I have a confimed appt for service#1 at 9am. The system will take a pending appt for service#2 at 9am also. It will then allow me as admin to edit the second appt and confirm it for the same time period as service #1 even though the only provider already has an appt. I think it needs to check against all services per provider to see if a slot is already taken by any other service and ask to confirm it. Ex - send a response to the customer that it appears that this hour may already have a pending appt do you want to continue booking?
    For the third issue - emails for pending appointments - I really think this needs to be an option. I want to know that there are pending appointments out there as a reminder to get me to go out and confirm appointments. If the number is overwhelming, perhaps a digest of notifications in one email at different times throughout the day - say once a day or something like that. But without a notice that I have pending appointments to confirm, I'll never look unless I remember to and I may miss an appointment because of it. I know I would never get hundreds of emails a day - I'm a one-person consulting shop.

    BTW, I've been working with HostGator to get them to stop killing my site. For some reason, it's me when doing updates that is spiking the CPU. They've said something about making my IP an exception but we'll see.

  • Hakan
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    If I have a confimed appt for service#1 at 9am. The system will take a pending appt for service#2 at 9am also.

    No, it will not take another pending appointment for the second service in this case.

    The 3rd issue (sending emails in case of pending appointment is taken) is now available.


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