appointment+ errors and enhancements

Installed Appointment+ today and it works fairly well but I am seeing some errors and oddities.

1. Anytime I save something in the admin screen of WordPress, I get an error line:

Warning: Missing argument 2 for Appointments::save_post() in /home/pos/public_html/wp-content/plugins/appointments/appointments.php on line 685

This will show up 20 or 30 times at the top of the page. If I hit the Dashboard to reload, they go away.

2. I entered the shortcode [app_monthly_schedule} into a page of just text and it blew away all the formatting. All carriage returns disappeared and all the text ran together on the page. I took the shortcode out and the page resumed its normal formatting.

3. If I choose the month or two month view, the date at the top of both calendars reads “Our Schedule for January 1970”. I switched to a one week view and the date shows correctly for this week.

4. Would love to see this calendar sync with my google calendar to see what I have marked as busy and not offer those times on the calendar. As an example, cVita appointment scheduler can do this.

5. Service Provider names in the dropdown box shows my email instead of my name. Verified my name and email were correct in the WordPress Users.