Appointment+ Google Calendar

I am trying to get Apointments_ working

I've been able to setup the API and test the connection successfully. The test appt does show up in my google calendar

I can get the events that I have in the google calendar to show as unavailable times in Apointments+, but only if they are in the appointments+ calendar. The problem is that I have events that are in 5 different calendars in google for purposes of our own internal organization, and I'd really like to be able to have them all show up as unavailble in Appoitnments+ w/o having to reassign them to the appointments calendar. Is that doable?

  • Hakan
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    Unfortunately that is not possible at the moment and doesn't seem to be possible in the near future: Google Calendar API itself only allows matching of a single calendar per account.

    If those 5 calendars belong to different providers, you can match them with your providers (using their profile pages) and block their schedules, though.


  • Hakan
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    do the two caledars sum together?

    In general, yes, they do sum together.

    But please note these:
    1) Second integration will always work fine, as it directly blocks availability of the provider A. As nobody can have a workforce greater than 1, no problem here.
    2) First integration will not have an assigned provider and as GCal does not supply service information, it will reduce your available workforce by one for the FIRST service.

    So if you have another provider B who is ONLY serving for a service 2, schedules for this service and this provider will not be blocked, as he is out of these GCal reservations. If he is also serving for service 1 in addition to service 2, there will be no problem again, because he is affected from those GCal reservations.

    I hope I could explain it.


  • arlo_miller
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    i don't quite get it.

    If i have 20 different services
    Google Calendar A syncs to System
    Google Calendar B syncs to Provider 1

    Service 1. Provider 1. Availability is affected by both A & B
    Service 2. Provider 1. Availability is only affected by B, because calendar A only affects the first service, service #1?
    Service 3. Provider 2. Availability is not affected at all, because calendar A only affects the first service, and provider doesn't have their own calendar?

  • Hakan
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    Google Calendar syncs with users (=service providers), not services. A+ also manages calendar of people (=service providers), not services. If you think like that there should be no problem.

    The only exception is when you sync using admin Google Calendar setting. Then there is no service and provider assigned. In that case it reduces your available workforce for the first service by 1 for that time slot.

    Maybe it is clear now?

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