Appointment Grid looks messed up..css issue?

Hi, I'm testing my appointments and noticed that on Chrome (and sizing screens - i have a responsive theme installed) that the days of the week looked jammed together.

1. Is there any way to change full weekday names to abbreviations?
2. Where do i change the font size, I'm assuming that may help. If i do change it, will and update in the plugin wipe out my modifications?
3. If an appointment is cancelled in the back end, how does the system handle the cancellation notice to customer?

I've send my credentials to the support mailbox for Hakan just in case you need to visit the back-end to review this request.

I'm assuming I'm able to change this easily but need some direction please.

when you view this in chrome or size to a smaller window in IE or FF you will notice what I'm seeing. The days of the week are all mushed up.

Thanks again,