Appointment+ is list multiple Subscribers apt on single client page.

I have created multiple services in Appointment+. I am using the short codes to just display just the calendar and a schedule button. [app_monthly_schedule service="2"]


I have protect the page with membership. A user must log into their account and or create an account before viewing the page. All this seems to work correctly.

Unfortunately when a new user is created and they book their first appointment, it grabs the last appointments information displays it on the new users account page under my appointments. Now the strange thing is that the appointment are registered to registered to the correct users. Have you seen this bug? I have included a screen shots, the first is the clients account page showing two appointments where there should only be one. The second is the staff account page showing each appointment scheduled to the correct clients.

I can shut of the account pages for Subscribers if need be.

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi there, Karl!

    This is a new one to me, I've never seen this bug before. I ran a few tests on my own site to see if I could replicate it, and I can't, so let's do a little trouble shooting.

    What Appointments+ shortcodes are you using on each of your appointments pages? Would you mind copy/pasting them here? Wrap them in the provided code tag (the one with two dots between braces on your comment editor) so they don't get parsed.

    Thanks, Karl!

  • Karl Bischoff

    These are the shortcodes for the Greystone

    Please sign before making an appointment.  You will need you invite code.
    [subscriptiontitle subscription="2"]
    [subscriptiondetails subscription="2"]
    [subscriptionprice subscription="2"]
    [subscriptionbutton subscription="2"]
    [app_monthly_schedule service="2"]

    These are the short codes for Orange

    Please sign before making an appointment.  You will need you invite code.
    [subscriptiontitle subscription="1"]
    [subscriptiondetails subscription="1"]
    [subscriptionprice subscription="1"]
    [subscriptionbutton subscription="1"]
    [app_monthly_schedule service="1"]

    I added a short code function to display or not display called loggedin which is below. The reason I created the function was because the subscribe shortcodes were displaying even when the user was logged in. It was very confusing. So I just did a quick display if not logged in and don't display if logged in. Hopefully this makes sense.

    function loggedin_func($atts, $content  ){
            if (is_user_logged_in()){
                return do_shortcode($content);
    add_shortcode( 'loggedin', 'loggedin_func' );
  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Karl,

    Hope you're doing well today and thanks for pasting those in :slight_smile:

    Do you mind upgrading to the latest version(1.4.6) then trying it out again?

    If it's still not resolved then can you grant support access so we can take a closer look at your settings? Then we should be able to better replicate the issue.

    You can grant support access via WPMU DEV > Support > Support Access > Grant Access.

    Look forward to hearing back Karl!

    All the best,

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