Appointment+ issue

Hey guys

We have an office with 5 boardrooms. We need people in the office to logon to site and select a boardroom. The site should then show them the available times for that boardroom and the employee can them book the room.

We have started to test it on a demo site:

Currently we made one appointment for "Boardroom next to iStore" on the 12th of Feb at 09:00

The 09:00 turns red as it is now blocked out.

The problem is, if I select any other boardroom and say "show available times/dates, the 09:00 on 12 Feb remains blocked out. How can I set it so that each room is displayed separately?

Example: if room 1 is booked for 09:00 - then room 2,3,4 and 5 should still be available for bookings at 09:00 the same day.

This possible?

Also, is it possible to select a room (like on our site > click on 'show available times" and only THEN see the calendar?

I am scared they do not refresh the screen and double bookings are made.

Lastly, Can one person select 2 slots at once (default is 30min slots) - can one person select 2 slots to book an hour slot?