Appointment + : List only one service

I need to list the appointments only for a SERVICE, not for a specific SERVICE_PROVIDER.

What code should i insert on the shortcode code?

I need for the SCode [app_all_appointments]

Something like:
[app_all_appointments service="1"]

José Calado

  • aristath

    Hello there @Jose Calado and welcome to the WPMUDEV Community!

    The [app_all_appointments] currently does not support a "services" argument.
    You could use the [app_schedule] shortcode but appointments will be displayed in a calendar and not a list.
    I have notified the plugin developer about this one, perhaps there is a workaround for this or we can add it in a future release.
    Please keep in mind though that plugin developers have a lot of responsibilities so this might take a bit longer than a normal ticket.


  • Jose Calado

    Hello Ari,

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    Ok, but the [app_schedule] d'ont give me the information about the "Client" that book the service.

    It's important (in the future), i give you an example.

    This software is for a Government Office, with some equipments and vehicles to manage. In the same way there are many people (registered) that can appoint time for each equipment. What we need is, during the appointing [app_schedule] to know what are the times allready appointed (that is OK and working), BUT only the ones refering to the equipment/service selected for schedule, and not all the appointments of all services.

    Do you understand the idea?

    Is there any developer to make this change?

    José Calado

  • pxwm

    Hi @aristath - I hope you don't mind me making a suggestion

    Hi @Jose Calado

    If I've understood your requirements correctly you could consider the following:-

    Set up an appointment page for each 'Service'
    You could then assign a single 'Service Provider to each unique piece of equipment/item
    You could then use the 'Service Provider id parameters: [app_my_appointments provider_id="xx"] where 'xx' is the id of the 'Service Provider' on the relevant appointment page.

    However this will only work if there is only one of each equipment/item that can be booked out at any time slot.

    I suppose if there is more than one piece of equipment/item you could assign a number of 'Service Providers' to match the quantity available. However you would have to name them as unique items.

    e.g. Item1A, Item1B, Item1C are three identical pieces of equipment/item and then you could assing them to 'Service ProviderA', Service ProviderB', 'Service ProviderC' and then add 3 x [app_my_appointments provider_id="xx"] on the same appointment page for the 'Service'

    I hope that helps

  • Jose Calado

    Hello Ari,

    The option works well for stand alone listings.

    But the main need is during the schedule.

    An example:

    I'm the manager of a department with 3 Cars, For that i have created 3 Services, 3 Users and 3 Providers, and made a link beetwen them.

    I have, for the Car1, Car2 and Car3 a lot of appointments allready done.

    The question is: During the schedule how can i see the "owner/client" of the appointment?

    The answer is: In the page for the [app_schedule] a need to see (above the calendar) a list with the appointments ONLY for the service/service provider that i have choosen with the [app_service], working in autorefresh mode.

    It works very well for the MY OWN appointments, registered with my login, but i need to see ALL appointments for that specific CAR.

    Using the [app_all_...], all the appointments are show, not only the service/service provider

    Using the [app_my_...] only the appointments for the current login are show.

    There is a way... but need a code change.

    This is the code for a list of appointments for a CAR (in a stand alone list):

    [app_my_appointments provider="1" provider_id="14" order_by="start" gcal="0" title="<h4>ALL For CAR 1</h4>" allow_cancel="1"]

    What we need is a DYNAMIC shortcode that works in conjuction with the [app_service] & [app_service_providers] dropdown. With this, we should list all the appointments for the specific service_provider choosed.

    Something like:
    [app_all_appointments provider_id="0"]

    where provider_id="0" means the current service_provider choosed via dropbox.

    Is this possible?

    José Calado

    "owner/client" of the appointments for the specific car thet i choose in the [app_service]. The best solution is a tooltip

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