Appointment Lite wont update to Appointment+

Honestly, I don't even want any of the other plugins or stuff - just the Member2 and Appointments+ plugin. Why can't I just purchase access to these? This is a really silly business model in my opinion.

In any case - right now I need to get Appointment Lite updated to Appointment+ and when I do it via the in-plugin directions it just brings me out of my dashboard and into your WPMU site and tells me the Appointment Lite is already installed and gives no indication on updating it to Appointment+ Full.

This is holding up my development time, which is costing me money. My client has paid for 'buffer' time for testing and bug fixing but I don't really consider this fair as it's your plugin (that you're asking me 50$ a month to use!!) and I'm not in a position to fix it (nor should I be responsible for it).

Please fix, thanks