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I'm trying out the Location feature for the Service/Service provider and reading some recent posts and guidance it would seem I should be able to assign more than one Location to a Service/Service Provider.

However when I activate the Service and Service provider location 'Add-on' and then create say 3 x Locations in the 'Locations' tab.
Then go to the 'Services' and 'Service Provider' tab I can only appear to assign one Location whereas I was hoping to be able to assign multiple locations so when I go to the appointments page the Location dropdown would show all the locations I have assigned to the Service/Service Provider.

Am I correct in my assumption?


  • pxwm
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    Hi @aristath

    Many thanks for your prompt reply.

    That's a shame I was hoping to use this for a client that offers matching Services across multiple locations and where the Service Providers do sometimes move between Locations.

    I'm just wondering when I would use this feature as the only way I can see this working is if I add the Location name to the actual Service name.

    e.g. Service1 - LocationA, Service1 - LocationB etc.

    If this is the case how would you see me using this feature?

    I was hoping I could assign multiple location to Services and Service providers the same as assigning multiple Services to a Service Providers.

    I don't particular want to hack the plugin as this would be overwritten every time there is an upgrade so any chance we could add this to the feature list?

    As a thought could this bespoke code be added to the themes functions.php so to avoid touching the core code?


  • Vladislav
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    The locations currently have 1-1 relationship with services and service providers. The idea behind it is to have a location for your services and potentially separate, alternative locations for each service provider. The appointment location is context sensitive and will end up either in the default service location or service provider location, depending on the client selection.

  • Andrew
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    The most common scenario that I am coming across is where someone has multiple locations, for example an hairdresser, who offers the same services and have staff that move between the two locations.

    Being able to cope with this would seem to be a standard feature that a plugin in like Appointments + must be able to cater for.

    Has it been upgraded since this post started to allow a 1-many relationship between locations and services and locations and service providers?

    Kind regards


  • aristath
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    Just out of interest are we able to view the feature list for A+ and a schedule?

    Unfortunately no.. we're using an internal system for these.
    I know it would be cool to have these public, but we tried it in the past and for reasons I am not fully aware of, it failed. To be more specific we used Uservoice. From what I understand (though I may be wrong), the main problem is that we may have something scheduled, but then a bug is found, or something way more important comes up and the scheduled feature gets left behind because we need to address more urgent issues first.
    It's all about prioritizing tasks...
    You can guess the users response when that happened... the tasks we prioritized were way more important that a scheduled feature request, but since the schedule was public and announced, people were expecting that instead of another fix.


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