Appointment+ & Marketpress confirmation email problem

I am using appointment+ together with marketpress and the confirmation emails going out from appointment+ are not working properly.


A user has booked and paid for an appointment and completed checkout through marketpress. All emails form marketpress go through like they should.


No confirmation email from appointment+ is sent. I have tried different settings and followed this thread:

I am currently using this setting:

“”1. ‘General’ tab

‘Accessibility Settings’ tab: set ‘Auto Confirm’ to ‘No’

‘Payment Settings’ tab set ‘Payment required’ to ‘Yes’

‘Notifications Settings’ section:-

a. ‘Send Confirmation email’ set to ‘Yes’ – this will send a confirmation email to the client/service provider/admin when admin has set appointment to ‘confirmed’

b. ‘Send Notification to admin if confirmation is required’ set to ‘Yes’ – this will send an email to admin to inform them a new appointment has been made.””

If i change the status to from paid to confirmed under “appointments” the status is changed but no confirmation email is sent. I have to click “see detals and edit” under each client and then change the status from there and check “(Re)send confirmation email” to get the email to go through.

What I want:

I would like to get the confirmation email sent to customer, service provider and admin as soon as the payment has gone through without having to change the status, meaning I guess that the status has to become “confirmed” as soon as payment in marketpress has been processed.