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Hi folks,

Loving appointment+, a very good first version but may not yet meet my needs, I hope I'm wrong!

I have a few questions...

1) How do my therapists or management get notified of an appointment that requires confirmation? Do they constantly have to check the website or can an email be sent out?

2) Can I have automatic appointment confirmation without requiring payment?

3) Our beauty salon has two treatment rooms and four staff. Two full time covering the first room and two part time who take on any additional work for the second room. How can this work in Appointments+? The booking system needs to know I can only have two staff providing treatments at any one time even if all four staff are available for appointments. The same would apply for hairdressers chairs etc so this seems like a fundamental problem, how do I configure this?

4) I'd really love this to be able to sync to an admin google calendar. Our Salon uses two google calendars, one for each room. Will that be possible in the future?

5) Finally I want to update a lot of the text without breaking the plugin, is there a way to do this so my changes are not overwritten when the plugin is updated?

6) Finally, little feature request, please add the day of week to the confirmation date on the [app_confirmation] shortcode. Clear communication is paramount for appointment booking! Thanks!


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    Hi Julian,

    Welcome to WPMU Dev.

    Here are the answers:

    1) Any confirmation email sent to the client is also bcc'ed to the business owner (admin) and the service provider if client picked up one.

    2) Automatic confirmation is not recommended, but it is possible. Please see this thread:

    3) This should work if you set capacity of the service as 2. A+ limits the appointments for the service if you define it so, regardless of the available service providers. Please see the related the question in FAQ:

    What does service capacity mean? Can you give an example?
    It is the capacity of a service (e.g. because of technical reasons) independent of number of service providers giving that service. Imagine a dental clinic with three dentists working, each having their examination rooms, but there is only one X-Ray unit. Then, X-Ray Service has a capacity 1, and examination service has 3. Please note that you should only define capacity of X-Ray service 1 in this case. The other services whose capacity are left as zero will be automatically limited to the number of dentists giving that particular service. Because for those, limitation comes from the service providers, not from the service itself.

    4) A GCal button integration is already possible. We are not planning an automatic one in the short run.

    5) Almost all of the texts can be directly changed using shortcode parameters. Less important ones can also be changed using filters. Please have a look at the Shortcodes tab first.

    6) A+ follows WordPress settings. If you want day of the week to be displayed, simply change it so using your WP setting.


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