Appointment page is slow

When clicking Appointments+ “Next month” button, and sometimes when loading main appointment page it takes quite some time to load the page(30-50 secs).

I tried deactivating all plugins with default theme, but doesn’t make any difference. And no console error, request error or slow query when check with Query Monitor plugin.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello shelvene

    I hope you’re well today!

    I have accessed your site in order to troubleshoot the issue but it seems that the Appointments+ plugin is no longer there so I’m not able to check it. Did you remove it to replace it with some other one or is it just temporary?

    Let me know, please, if you still need assistance with the issue.

    Kind regards,


  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hi shelvene

    Thank you for getting back to me!

    You’re right, it’s there, I didn’t notice it under the changed name. I’m sorry for this and thanks again for explanation.

    I checked the site and I must say that I’m not yet quite sure if it’s directly related to the Appointments+ plugin itself. I was able to “catch” that delay a couple of times during testing. What is bothering me though is that the most delay is related to so called TTFB.

    TTFB stands for “Time To First Byte” and is basically the time between when the server actually gets the request from user browser and starts responding to it. What that means is that the delay occurs even before any A+ (or even other site related) resources are being loaded.

    Usually this means that either the server got slow down temporarily or there’s some specific “under the hood” task going on on site that’s keeping WP scripts “busy” before the they can even respond to the server.

    The “frequency” of the issue also seems to be more “time based” rather than anything else, it happens every couple of minutes regardless of what I’m doing on site.

    In that case, I think we might need to investigate it “step by step” (so please be aware that it might take a while to “drill down to the core”:wink: and I’d like to ask you to start with two simple things first:

    1. exclude appointments booking page from WP Fastest Cache (in “WP Fastest Cache -> Exclude”:wink:

    2. go to “Appointments -> Appointments -> Removed” page and see if you can delete any of those removed appointments; there’s a lot of them and while it shouldn’t do this, it might actually cause additional load on database so if there’s any chance of clearing up as many of them as possible, please do this (unless you do need to keep them for some purposes)

    3. clear cache on site and try testing this again for a longer time as both logged in and logged out users to see if that is still happening or not and if it is – if it happens with similar frequency or perhaps it’s less often.

    It would be also great if before doing that you could first visit the booking page a couple of times until you can see the issue, then note down exact date and time and get in touch with your host to ask them if they could check if any resources were “maxed out” around that time (such as RAM or CPU usage, webserver/db connenctions/requirests, I/O, basically anything that they can find) and if so, if they can provide any additional information from related logs.

    Let me know about results, please.

    Kind regards,


  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hi shelvene

    Thank you for testing this and getting back to me.

    I realize that it’s going to cause another delay but I’d like to ask you for yet another test as I had inconsistent results between your site and my test setup.

    I did some more checks on the site and noticed that there are some JS resources that always take the most time among other JS assets to load. Most of the time the difference is pretty much insignificant but in cases when the “big slowdown” happens, the difference between these assets and other assets load time becomes quite huge.

    They are related to the All-in-One Event Calendar plugin. I’ve temporarily disabled it on your site, cleared the cache, and wasn’t able to replicate the “slow down” issue anymore. But maybe I just “got lucky” and I’d like to make sure of that as I wasn’t able to replicate the same with this plugin on my end.

    Having that said, may I ask you to try this:

    – disable the All in One Event Calendar per plugin on site

    – hover over the “Clear cache” button in admin bar in your site’s back-end and use the “Delete cache and Minified CSS/jS” option to fully clean site cache

    – clear browser cache (or use incognito mode) and test if those “slow downs” are still happening or if it’s working fine

    If you can confirm that it’s working fine then, we would have some “foothold” to start with. I realize that this is a bit of “trial and error” process but it’s an unusual issue with no “obvious” signs of what might be causing it so we need to pinpoint the main cause first in order to be able to look for permanent solution.

    Keep me updated, please.

    Best regards,


  • shelvene
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hello Adam,

    I’ve change the theme of my website and it’s a little bit better.

    “The next month” link work now but this particular page it’s always a little slow.

    -“disable the All in One Event Calendar per plugin on site” doesn’t change much.

    I don’t really understand why.

    If you want, you can connect (grant access) to do other tests but rather in the evening (night in France and fewer users).

    Thanks again for your help….


  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hi shelvene

    Thank you for testing that and letting me know.

    Like I explained previously, I was testing that on your site already but I wasn’t sure about results so I needed confirmation. However, in that case I think I can’t do much more here and I’ll need to consult that with your developers so they could take a look an lend us a helping hand with this.

    I’ve passed all the information and my findings to them, along with access credentials that you shared during the chat. I’ve also asked them to make sure that they are checking that during the night (I believe the time zone for France is UTC+2) so please keep an eye on this ticket and we’ll update you here as soon as we find out more.

    Kind regards,


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