Appointment+ PayPal payment settings & notification issues

To whom that can help.

We have installed the Appointments+ plugin on a clients site (great plugin by the way). All the settings are as instructed etc, but the client seems to be having a slight issue with once the payments are made.

So basically the customer purchases there time slot, gets transferred to the clients PayPal account, makes the payment and the client then receives a payment notification from PayPal but not from the website saying that there's a new booking been made etc.

Whats happening is that when the client logs into their website to look for the booking made, they are picking it up in the 'Removed Bookings' section.

Not to sure why its being automatically routed straight into the removed bookings section, the PayPal IPN URL given by the Appointments+ plugin is set, however the box for message delivery from PayPal IPN isn't checked, i.e set to off, could this be causing the issue?

Any help would be awesome as the clients are getting a little frustrated with it.


  • reubinp

    Hi Tom, sorry for the late reply. Yeah, did a number of testing before hand, all seemed to work according to how its meant too. It was just when we went live with it that it started sending customers bookings through to the removed bookings section.

    After going over the settings again, we picked up on a setting that was auto checked, the Disable pending appointments after (mins) was set to 60mins by default. We have turned this off, i.e set to 0.

    Could this have been causing the issue?

    If not let me know and I'll post a screen grab of the clients settings.

    Thanks in advanced.

  • reubinp

    Tom, me again. From going over all the posts about this app, it looks as if there isn't much automation in the way of the customer booking, then the admin & the customer receiving a booking confirmation email and thats that.

    Am I right in saying that basically the customer makes a booking and then the admin should in theory receive a email notifying them of a pending booking that needs to be confirmed, then only once the admin confirms that pending booking does the customer receive a confirmation email? Or does the customer receive a confirmation email regardless if the admin confirms their pending booking so long as the customer has paid via Paypal? Also does this mean that the actual booking slot on the calendar is blocked out once the customer has paid? or its only blocked out when the admin confirms the pending booking?

    Basically the client wants it to be as automated as ever (as they always do). They just want a notification confirming the booking and one to go out to the customer who booked.

    Off the topic, I know sorry. Just need to clarify how this application works as its getting abit confusing in terms of if its fully automised or partially automised etc.

    Thanks Tom

  • pxwm


    The process very much depends on the settings in the 'General' tab.

    If you wish it to be as automated a possible my understanding is if you have 'payment required' set to 'Yes' then a 'pending appointment' email will not be sent as it should be automated based on certain settings in the 'General' tab

    1. If a customer makes a booking admin will only receive an email notification of a 'pending' appointment if you have 'Send Notification to admin if confirmation is required' set to 'Yes' and you have set 'payment required' set to 'No'

    2. However if I have understood correctly you have 'payment required' set to 'Yes' then the notes next to this field state:

    "Whether you require a payment to accept appointments. If selected Yes, client is asked to pay through Paypal and the appointment will be in pending status until the payment is confirmed by Paypal IPN. If selected No, appointment will be in pending status until you manually approve it using the Appointments page unless Auto Confirm is not set as Yes."

    Therefore I would suggest once the payment is confirmed by PayPal IPN the client and admin and service provider will receive a Confirmation email if you have the following set to 'Yes':

    'Auto-Confirm' set to 'Yes' - this is in the Accessibility settings category
    'Send Confirmation email' set to 'Yes' - this is in the Notification settings category

    If you are still experiencing problems could you please post all your settings in the 'General' tab

    Hope this helps.

  • reubinp

    Hi Steve

    Thanks for getting back to me so soon. Attached is the screen shots from these areas within the general settings tab on the app.

    Time Settings
    Accessibility Settings
    Payment & Notification settings
    PayPay IPN settings

    You'll notice on that what you've suggested above in terms of what should be ticked etc, is and has been for the last few weeks. However only recently have 3 changes been made, on the time settings where it says Disable pending appointments after (mins), it was set at 60 so we changed that to 0

    Where it says Send Notification to admin if confirmation is required under the notification settings area we only recently checked that to YES, as when we did a live purchase / booking with the client the booking came through to Pending status but the admin, the client in this case was not notified via email that a new(being theirs) booking has just come through.

    And last recent change is the Paypal IPN address and the option to receive notifications or not, it was set to NOT, so we enabled IPN notifications.

    Hope this all helps.

    Thanks again Steve, hope we can sort this out.

  • pxwm


    I could only view two of the three screenposts.
    I can open the Instant payment and Time settings but not the Settings screenpost
    Is it possible to repost.

    However based on your latest post I can confirm the current functionality will not send an email to the client when the appointment is in the 'pending' status.
    They will only receive a 'Confirmation' email once the PayPal payment has been confirmed and only then when the 'Auto-Confirm' is set to 'Yes'.


  • pxwm


    Is it possible you could screenpost the following three sections from the 'General' tab:-

    1. Display settings
    2. Payment settings (you have provided the IPN but I would like to check the actual settings within A+
    3. Notification settings

    You also mention in your original post:

    however the box for message delivery from PayPal IPN isn't checked, i.e set to off, could this be causing the issue?

    However your screenpost indicates it is 'enabled'.
    is that correct?
    If you haven't checked the 'box for message delivery' could you check the box and retest.


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