Appointment + Plugin does not save Service Providers

When I want to add new 'Service Provider':

1st: Under 'Select Services' dropdown Check All link does not work

2nd: If I select services manually and click 'Save Service Providers' it does not save anything

So, I can't add any Service Providers at all no matter how I do it...

Any suggestions???

I am using the latest plugin... version 1.3

  • LubyG
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    OK, I disabled CloudFlare and WP-DenyHost plugins and was able to add service providers with 'Select All' feature. So everything is working as it should.

    Maybe this will help others in the future.

    Awesome reservation system by the way...

  • aristath
    • Recruit

    @LubyG I'm glad you managed to figure this one out!

    Cloudflare is actually a reverse proxy which works much like a caching system... caching the backend (wp-admin) as well as the frontend. That's what's causing this issue... Doesn't cloudflare have a URL that you can use to access your site directly, bypassing its caching system? Perhaps using that would work with CloudFlare enabled...


  • LubyG
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hi Ari,

    You have been talking with my business partner Luka aka Stan. This is Mike. He thought he deactivated Cloudflare but was mistaken. The culprit was WP Deny Host plugin. I just double checked this.

    To answer your question on Cloudflare there are a few things to know and it all depends on how you set up Cloudflare. I'm only talking the free version here.

    There is a URL that bypasses Cloudflare for FTP, SSH Telnet that is automatically set up. To bypass for the Wordpress admin area you would need to set it up under Page Rules in the Cloudflare log in area. You can also Purge the Cache and temporarily deactivate Cloudflare. In addition they have a Development Mode setting.

    There are now several WP Plugins for Cloudflare that folks should look into that give you more control if you don't want to log in to Cloudflare.

    One Cloudflare plugin that may help WPMU members using the Domain Mapping plugin is TT CloudFlare WPMU Plugin. I'm experimenting with it now but I suppose that is a subject for a different thread.

    Best Regards,
    Mike Kelly

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