Appointment plus Capacity per appointment


Like many other users i expect, when signing up for WPMUDEV i did so under the assumption that the plugins would perform how i wanted them too. The main one where i started off with was for a website i was building for a client. They wanted an Appointment system that would allow customers to book and pay for their classes (cycling classes) where there would be 6 available slots 2 days a week and 10 available slots another 2 days during that week. Now almost at the end of making this site. i find that i cannot quite give them what they wanted.

instead i have to find a loop hole in the way this plugin was created. to allow for a increased capacity of users? im not sure why this feature was not thought of or included in this realize. it seemed like it was through of originally when i first look through the settings. (see attached image 1) but recently i was made aware this is related to something else all together (not made clear to me prior to signing up)

please see forum post here for more -

I would very much appreciate it as im sure many other current or future customers of WPMUDEV would expect of this plugin to contain this feature as a PRIMARY FUNCTION and FEATURE. I ask that it be included ASAP in the next release of the plugin update.

Up to now Support and feedback has been superb and out of this world. Thank you so much for providing a great service. But i would really appreciate it if you can also update and integrate this feature in this plugin.